Women United to host Meet & Greet in April | Lubbock Area United Way

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Women United to host Meet & Greet in April

WOMEN UNITED is a new Leadership donor engagement opportunity offered through Lubbock Area United Way. Membership is open to all women who give to United Way at the Leadership Level of $1,000+ annually.

Last year, this ingagural group of women determined through concerted study and education that child abuse and neglect would be their signature issue. Lubbock County ranks high in the state for confirmed cases of abuse and neglect. By combining the financial power and collective talents of Leadership Level women through year-round activities and volunteer projects, this group hopes to raise awareness and generate action to assist Lubbock Area United Way's Community Partner Agencies in ‘moving the needle’ on this heartbreaking issue.

 Click here to read about all the things they did last year.


If you are a WOMEN UNITED member, you should be recieving an invitation with more information on the upcoming Meet & Greet event. To learn more about becoming a WOMEN UNITED member email women@liveunitedlubbock.org.