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At Lubbock Area United Way Giving • People • Hope is much more than a catchphrase. It's our mission. On the podcast, we're bringing you conversations about how we're giving people hope across the South Plains and how you can help create lasting sustainable change. Subscribe on your favorite podcast app, and don't forget to rate and review us to help people find the show.

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Episode 37: Our mental health and back to school with Dr. Logan Winkleman

Episode 36: Making an impact through the Loaned Executive program with Keith Patrick and Ian Spector

Episode 35: Summertime fun with Rachel Elbert and Glenda Mathis

Episode 34: Responding to the changing work environment with Robin Raney, Elizabeth Laughlin, and Samantha Mendoza

Episode 33: Start Smart Texas with Roxanne Saldana Jones and Kierstan Schwab

Episode 32: 15 Years of the LIVE UNITED Tournament with Amber Dean and Traci Robertson

Episode 31: Your mental health journey with Alpha Jennings and Devin McCain

Episode 30: The Mental Health of Youth in West Texas with Dr. Jennifer Rojas-McWhinney, Lauren Mitchell and Kim Clifton

Episode 29: Community-Based Care with Cristian Garcia and Erin Baxter

Episode 28: Preventing Child Abuse with Derek Danner, Carla Olson and Lauren Westerberg

Episode 27: Supporting Local Youth with Eloisa Vigil, Nick Hay, and Tamara Rose

Episode 26: Women's History Month and the work of our Community Partners with Laura Vinson

Episode 25: Black History Month beyond February with Reggie Dial

Episode 24: Celebrating 2-1-1 Day with Ayda Chapa

Episode 23: Human Trafficking Awareness Month with Stacy Peterson and Leslie Timmons

Episode 22: Wellness in 2022 with Dr. Logan Winkelman

Episode 1: Policy and Advocacy work with United Ways of Texas


Episode 2: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion with Chris Boutwell and Nedra Hotchkins


Episode 3: The Status of Women on the South Plains with Cristy Martinez, Jennifer Riley, Sabrina Robbins, and Lena Scaff


Episode 4: Lubbock County Care Coordination Team with Derek Danner, Kristin Murray, and Veronica Lowenberg


Episode 5: Child Abuse Prevention Month with Dr. Amy Thompson and Dr. Brian Payne


Episode 6: Sexual Assault Prevention Month with Leslie Timmons and Kenneth Castillo


Episode 7: Celebrating 75 Years of United Way with Gary Bain, Heather Smith, and Amy Berry


Episode 8: Mental Health Awareness Month with Nancy Trevino and Brad Hunt


Episode 9: Community Volunteering with Tyler Young and Sharon Bass


Episode 10: Summer Reading with Devin McCain


Episode 11: How United Way builds strong communities with the Cade Fowler, Lesli Spears and Teresa Smith from the Lubbock Association of Realtors


Episode 12: The United Way Kids Take Over with Caroline McAfee, Rhylee Green, and Lincoln McCain

Episode 13: Why transparency and accountability matter with Chris Hook and Devin McCain

Episode 14: A preview of the 2021 Annual Campaign with Mark Griffin and Lynn Owens

Episode 15: United We Read with Liz Morgan and Devin McCain

Episode 16: The Community Status Report with Sarah Self-Walbrick and Devin McCain

Episode 17: Domestic Violence Awareness Month with Jason Henry

Episode 18: The Boys & Girls Club of Lubbock with Tom Vermillion and Rachel Elbert

Episode 19: The Salvation Army with Major David Worthy and Erica Hitt

Episode 20: The Boy Scouts with Nathan Baie and Chuck Heinz

Episode 21: The Girl Scouts with Becky Burton, Nekisha Henry, Shannon Spencer, and Marilyn Jones