Voluntary Giving Policy

Voluntary Giving Policy

An individual’s choice of whether or not to contribute, as well as how much to contribute, is at the very basis of the Lubbock Area United Way values.

The following principles outline Lubbock Area United Way’s commitment to voluntary giving:

  • Any use of pressure or coercion is unethical and does far more harm to our organization and those we serve than any short-term gains it may produce.
  • Contributing to the Lubbock Area United Way should be presented as an opportunity to help the community.
  • The most effective workplace campaigns are the result of employee education about United Way and its Community Partners.
  • Donations of any amount are appreciated.
  • The Suggested Guide for Giving was developed by volunteers for those donors who ask how much to give.
  • Payroll deduction allows donors to give as generously as they like by deducting an amount of money per pay period throughout the year.


This policy is emphasized in the orientation and education of all United Way volunteers. United Way encourages CEOs and management teams to inform their employees of this policy.

Most recently reviewed and approved by Board of Directors August 26, 2020.