Program Review

Program Review

Our annual Program Review process is an opportunity for you to see the full impact of how donations to United Way are used. Through the volunteer process, you will be trained and equipped to determine the effectiveness of United Way funded programs. Following this training and together with a team of approximately ten other volunteers, you will have the opportunity to visit agencies and review documents submitted by two of our Community Partners. From your training and the information you have received, you and your team will make recommendations to the agencies and United Way about how to improve and grow programs.

Time Commitment:

  • Orientation: March, 1.5 Hour
  • Site Visits: April, 3 hours maximum
  • Read agency materials on your own: about 1 hour
  • Team Meeting(s): 1 hour each (scheduled by team members)
  • Interview Sessions: May, 3 hours maximum

     Total: 10-12 hours


Stewardship Review

The Stewardship Review Committee is a year-round volunteer opportunity. Through the process, you will be trained and equipped to review Community Partner audits, IRS Form 990s, and other financial documents to determine that United Way partner agencies are using funds wisely and are financially sustainable. Each committee member is assigned 2-3 agencies to review.



If you are interested in volunteering for one or both of these review processes, please complete the form below.