Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

dei photosOur Commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

As a champion for building strong and healthy communities, Lubbock Area United Way will create a culture that embraces diversity, stands on equity, and thrives on inclusion. It is through the collective efforts of individuals in our communities that we create and experience a responsible and vibrant society - one which respects, honors, and thrives on the unique attributes of its members.

We will work to ensure Lubbock Area United Way is an organization where all stakeholders are valued, heard, seen, and respected - regardless of their race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, education, disability, marital status, citizenship, or national origin.

Lubbock Area United Way is committed to incorporating practices that enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion in all areas of the organization, including its governance, staffing, volunteer structure, funding decisions, and policies. Lubbock Area United Way will create and maintain an environment that empowers all people to perform to their potential and have a positive impact on our community. We will consistently evaluate our efforts related to diversity, equity, and inclusion so that it is woven into the fabric of our organization and can serve as a model to other entities across the South Plains.

The foundation of this commitment will be transparency and accountability as we continuously evaluate efforts across our organization, including the community partners and clients we serve. This will ensure our actions are intentional and empathetic to these issues. We believe the commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion must go beyond this statement and we welcome allies to walk alongside us as we move toward a better community for all.


Our Commitment to Antiracism

As our society adapts and changes, it is crucial that we as an organization change with it. That is why Lubbock Area United Way is proud to take a stance as an antiracism organization.

We at Lubbock Area United Way vow to be intentional in our efforts to identify, discuss and challenge issues of race and the impact(s) it has on our organization, systems, partner agencies, and community as a whole. We will also challenge ourselves, and our stakeholders, to understand, discuss, and correct any inequities and biases we may discover as we strive to take steps to move our organization in the right direction.

We are determined to affirm our identity explicitly and publicly as an antiracist organization.

We are determined that our antiracism commitment be reflected throughout all aspects of our organization through our governance, policies, funding, programs, and practices.

We are determined to develop and implement strategies and tactics that dismantle racism and challenge inequitable systems within all aspects of our organization and society.