Annual Campaign

Let your light shine.

DYK absolute darkness does not exist? Even in a vacuum-sealed room, there are still photons bouncing around. They may not be visible to the human eye, but the tiniest particles of light still exist.

Now, we're not scientists, but we do believe in hope; and light happens to be one of the very best metaphors for hope. Light shines through the cracks. It brings warmth and life.  Light radiates from each of us - it lives in the human soul. And when we combine our lights, we can illuminate every corner of our South Plains communities.

That's the power of United Way - it's all of us coming together to do real good, bring real hope.

When you support Lubbock Area United Way, you're not just helping someone for a day. You are working to create solutions that change lives, change systems, and change our community far into the future. Together, we're moving the needle on important issues like education, safety for all, and mental health.


Make your gift now.

Your light matters. Your gift - whether it's $1 or $1000 - when combined with your neighbor's light and your coworker's light and with thousands of others in our community, illuminates every corner of the South Plains.


A Message from 2022 Campaign Chair Laura Vinson

Thank you from the bottom of our wonderful community’s heart for what you personally are doing to give people hope through your efforts in this year’s campaign. Whether you are a volunteer, an advocate, a supporter, or all three, your willingness to engage and support the Lubbock Area United Way will make a difference in the lives impacted daily by our dedicated Community Partners.

Perhaps you don’t know the people whose lives are touched, but…perhaps you do. For all of us, we likely have coworkers, neighbors, and family members who have been helped or enriched in any number of ways through these partners. Maybe, even, you have yourself. By committing to this volunteer role, you are validating these efforts. This good work can’t happen without you. Thank you.

As I visited with each of our 23 partner agencies over the recent weeks, I was struck by the fervor with which the fine people there serve and care for us. They endeavor every day to shine a light on those who need help through a dark time. They find the buried light in those discouraged and give them tools and encouragement to get to a better place. They illuminate the possibilities and potential present in each person who walks through their doors. They make Lubbock a brighter place.  

Civil and human rights champion Ella Baker’s comment “Give LIGHT and people will find the way.” summarizes our effort. I am honored to walk together with you and the hundreds of like-minded campaign and community volunteers to do all we can to brighten and share this light. I am confident we will succeed together. You and your commitment to Giving ∙ People ∙ Hope are so very much appreciated. 



Laura Vinson
2022 Campaign Chair


About Laura

Laura Vinson is a Senior Vice President and Commercial Loan Officer at Prosperity Bank. She has been in the banking industry for 27 years and held various leadership roles in business development, cash management, and commercial services. Laura is a graduate of Baylor University.

She is very active in the community, currently serving as a member of the Board of Managers for the Lubbock County Hospital District. She previously served as the Board of Trustees President for Lubbock ISD, Board President for Ballet Lubbock, and Board Chair for Lubbock Area United Way.

Laura and her husband Mark have been married for 30 years and have 2 children, Thomas and Barbara Ruth.

Laura Vinson
Laura Vinson, 2022 Campaign Chair