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Loaned Executives


Our Loaned Executive Program is one of the most comprehensive management and leadership training programs in Lubbock. More than 1,500 individuals have gone through the program since it began in 1968, and many of them have gone on to top management positions within their companies.
Each year corporations and small businesses “loan” their employees to United Way on a part-time basis to act as community spokespersons for our Annual Campaign and to assist other businesses with their United Way employee campaigns.
The Loaned Executives participate in team building and training programs during the summer in preparation for the Annual Campaign that begins in the fall. They also visit United Way Community Partners to get a firsthand look at how United Way impacts the Lubbock Area.
To get involved in the Loaned Executive Program contact Lynn Owens at 806.747.2711. We will be happy to talk with you about the details of this exciting program or arrange for you to talk with CEOs and LEs of companies who have participated in this program.

[Download the 2020 Loaned Executive Program Brochure.]

2020 Loaned Executive Chair and Chair Elect 

2020 Loaned Executive Team Leaders 


2020 Loaned Executive Account Executives