Legal Aid Society of Lubbock, A Community Partner Since 1967

Celebrating the Legal Aid Society of Lubbock

Providing first-rate legal assistance to those in need

The Legal Aid Society of Lubbock became a Community Partner in 1967 when we partnered with the firm to help provide low-income families with first-rate legal services. These services are ordinarily not an option for people going through financial difficulties. Through Legal Aid, clients receive quality counsel to address family matters, safety, and more at a free or reduced cost.

Since its founding, the Legal Aid Society has expanded its services and added to its staff to provide more assistance to Lubbock residents. They operate out of a belief that legal services should be available to everyone no matter their circumstances.

A history of justice

Legal Aid Society was founded shortly after World War II by the Lubbock County Bar Association to assist those who were financially unable to employ legal counsel. Before becoming incorporated in 1974, the organization was known as the Legal Aid Committee.

Several years ago, Legal Aid established the Domestic Violence Taskforce to exchange information and ideas to approach the overwhelming problems of domestic violence.

Kay Caballero is the Executive Director and Managing Attorney for Legal Aid. During her tenure, she has expanded the agency from an office with only two attorneys to its current capacity and extended its services to twelve counties.


The Legal Aid Society today

Legal Aid provides assistance in many aspects of family law and elder law to disadvantaged families. Of the 1,391 cases they assisted with in 2019, over 70% of them were domestic or sexual violence victims. Through their partnership with Women’s Protective Services, they can send an attorney to the shelter twice a week for protective orders for the victims from little to no cost.

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