Give Your “Yes”

By Kelsey Johnson, 2020 Loaned Executive Chair and Director of the J.T. & Margaret Talkington YWCA at Sun ‘n Fun

Wow, what a crazy last couple of months! COVID-19 has certainly shaken the world and gotten people out of their normal routines. For someone like me who runs on routine, that has been quite the challenge.

Being back in the office this week, things have finally started to feel normal again.  Normal for me includes volunteering for Lubbock Area United Way. For the last seven years, I have volunteered for United Way’s Loaned Executive program, and even longer than that, I have served as the Campaign Coordinator for the YWCA. Being a United Way volunteer has simply become part of who I am.

I said “yes” to chairing the Loaned Executive program all the way back in January of 2019, with no clue there would be a worldwide pandemic between then and the time I stepped into this role. But truth be told, I am greatly looking forward to the challenge of leading a group of volunteers, as individuals and businesses in our community rally together to serve the Lubbock area like we have done time and time again. With or without a crisis, it’s what we do in West Texas – we serve each other.

Learn more about the Loaned Executive Program.

Our Loaned Executive Leadership Team all said “yes” to volunteering during the middle of this challenging time. Companies are saying “yes” to lending employees to join us in the effort. From what I’m seeing, the South Plains is continuing to say “yes” to helping everyone through the crisis and far beyond. This year’s United Way Campaign may look much different from ever before, but the mission remains the same: Giving • People • Hope

As an employee of a United Way Community Partner, I can tell you that people need us now more than ever. That is enough for me to be excited about making a difference this year.

Will you join me and the rest of my Loaned Executive team in saying “yes”?

Give your "Yes" today.

Let’s all give our “yes” to United Way and to our South Plains communities. I know it will be a decision we will never regret and a campaign that we will never forget.