Frequently Asked Questions

Where does my contribution go?

All funds in the Campaign go into the Community Fund unless a donor designates a specific agency or other United Way. On an annual basis, United Way Volunteers evaluate overall community needs and United Way funded programs. Money is then allocated based on these evaluations and the recommendations of the volunteer committees. The Community Fund is the best way to help the most people and meet the greatest needs in our community.

Who decides how my gift is spent?

In the spring, trained volunteers evaluate community needs and the services provided by United Way Community Partners. This review assures that all gifts are used in a manner that best meets the needs of our community. These volunteers make funding recommendations to the United Way Board of Directors for final approval. Find out how you can volunteer for Program and Stewardship Review. 

What about the pressure to give?

Lubbock Area United Way has specific policies against pressuring anyone to give. The decision to give is a personal one and up to each individual. No one should be pressured or coerced into giving. Read Lubbock Area United Way’s full Voluntary Giving Policy and Donor Privacy Policy.

How much of my contribution goes to help people?

Lubbock Area United Way’s most recent five-year average for fundraising and administration expenses is 16.2%. This percentage is far below the 35% recommended by the Better Business Bureau’s Standards of Charity Accountability. Outside of these expenses, every dollar given goes toward helping people in the Lubbock Area.

How much of my contribution stays local?

98.5% of what is raised in the Lubbock area stays here. 1.5% goes toward our membership fees for United Ways of Texas and United Way Worldwide. Both provide critical support to our local United Way in the form of training, research, and additional fundraising.

Can I give my gift to a specific agency?

Yes, the designated contribution section at the bottom of the pledge form allows donors to pick a specific agency to receive their gift. The donor may pick a maximum of two Lubbock Area United Way Community Partners or another United Way. Donors may give to both the United Way Community Fund and to a specific agency or other United Way. There is a minimum of $50 for each selection.

Is United Way a faith-based organization?

While Lubbock Area United Way partners with several agencies considered to be faith-based, United Way is not represented by any one particular faith. Partner agencies providing United Way-funded services do not discriminate based on religion, faith, or denomination.

Does Lubbock Area United Way fund abortions?

No organization funded by Lubbock Area United Way is involved in providing abortion services.