Be human, resilient and alive

Be human, resilient and alive

By Becky Palmer, 2022 Board Chair

Becky PalmerWe have survived a lot in the last two years. In that surviving, we have seen our community and the generosity and spirit of our people thrive.

I recently heard author Emily P. Freeman say that now is the time to be kind to ourselves. “Look at us,” she said, “being human and resilient and alive.” Haven’t we on the South Plains done just that?

We’ve been human – some days we were our very best selves and some days we were not.

We’ve been resilient – we kept getting up and we kept caring for those around, even those in our community we did not know.

We’ve been alive – we have practiced the simple act of breathing in and out every day. On some days, that felt like one of the biggest things we could accomplish. And it was enough.

As we look ahead into 2022, I can’t say with great confidence that this year will be a lot easier. I think we’ll do some more surviving. But in that, our great South Plains communities give me a lot of hope. It’s the one thing about us West Texas folks – our generosity knows no bounds. When we all do something – give of our time, our commitment, our finances – we stand to make a huge impact. That impact is not in dollars. It’s in people. It’s in lives changed.

For 2022, let’s be human and resilient and alive. I would love for you to join me in being a champion for United Way, but more than that, I encourage you to be a champion for some cause, for some organization. Whatever you can give, however you can volunteer, any way that you can advocate. This year, be a champion for the goodwill of the South Plains, and let’s do some real good. Let’s do some good that results in changed lives and a better community for all of us.

Find your way to get involved.