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2019 Campaign Volunteer of the Year, Margie Smith

By Tony Lloyd, 2019 Campaign Chair

Since 1985, Lubbock Area United Way has presented the Campaign Volunteer of the Year Award to a volunteer who excelled in their commitment and dedication during the campaign. This year we want to recognize Margie Smith.

Margie is one of the unsung heroes of the campaign. In 1998, Margie started a new position at the Lubbock Central Appraisal District (LCAD). One of her job duties was to coordinate the organization’s employee workplace campaign. In 2019, Margie planned and coordinated her twenty-first workplace campaign for LCAD. She is our longest serving Campaign Coordinator.

At the 2019 Campaign Coordinator Training, Margie sat on a panel of experienced coordinators and shared her ideas with volunteers representing a wide variety of organizations. Margie is always willing to share her best practices and the tips she has learned along the way. These strategies influence how United Way trains campaign coordinators and the ideas United Way shares about how to run a successful workplace campaign.

Tim Radloff is the Chief Appraiser and Administrator for LCAD. He told us that Margie begins working on getting prizes for every employee who gives their “fair share” the second they decide their campaign meeting dates. The employees truly appreciate all her efforts and many of them are fair share givers because of Margie’s dedication.

Tim said that, “Margie will tell you she is a ‘dedicated LCAD employee.’” Not only will she tell you that, but Tim confirmed that she truly is. For us at United Way, we’re grateful that Margie is a dedicated supporter and volunteer. Margie wanted me to be sure and say thank you to all her colleagues at LCAD.