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Volunteers Needed for United Way Program Review

One of the benefits of giving through United Way is knowing that the agencies we fund have been through a thorough review process. So how do we do it? The short answer is, we don’t, YOU do!

Each year dozens of community volunteers join Program Review teams. These volunteer teams have meetings and review information about the programs, such as how many clients have been served and what outcomes were achieved. The most important thing these teams do is tour the agency they are reviewing. They get to see the facilities and in most cases have the opportunity to see the programs in action. They meet with staff and clients (when appropriate), and get to see first-hand the results of the program.  They also meet with the agency’s board of directors. Since these boards are also made up of community volunteers, the Program Review process is really a meeting of volunteer to volunteer.

This effort takes dozens of volunteers each year and we need your help!

Program Review Volunteer Job Description:

  • For new members: attend orientation and read information provided.

  • Attend agency site visits.

  • Study agency packets, utilize evaluation materials and make notes for team meeting and Q&A Sessions.

  • Attend team meeting.

  • Attend Q&A Sessions with agencies. Work with team to develop agency recommendations at conclusion of meeting.

Time required per year: 8 to 10 hours

Dates: To be determined based on team assignment. Most meetings and tours take place during the months of April and May.

To Volunteer: Send an email to info@liveunitedlubbock.org