Voice of Hope, A Community Partner Since 1977


Voice of Hope GiftSupporting Survivors and Preventing Sexual Violence

Voice of Hope (formerly the Lubbock Rape Crisis Center) became a Community Partner in 1977 when we partnered with the organization to bring together community resources to speed the healing of victims of rape and sexual violence. Voice of Hope collaborates with the Lubbock Police Department, the Lubbock County Sheriff's Office, Covenant Health, UMC Health System, and other stakeholders across West Texas to advocate for survivors and non offending family members throughout the forensic sexual assault medical exam, reporting the assault to authorities, and the judicial process. They also provide counseling and case follow-up for survivors and non offending family members, helping guide them through the healing process. The organization advocates for survivors of all types of sexual violence, including sex trafficking.

Voice of Hope also works to educate communities on sexual violence and sex trafficking on the South Plains and has a number of community-based prevention programs in area schools and youth programs. The aim of these programs is to prevent sexual violence before it happens, helping youth recognize and develop healthy relationships.


A History of Helping Survivors Heal

In 1975, a Human Relations Commission board was appointed by the City Council to address community needs. At the same time, a member of the city council’s staff was raped in the parking lot after getting off work late one evening. In talking to her employer about the process of reporting, a gap in services was discovered.

The only female available to do the victim’s sexual assault interview was a secretary at the police department. Police Chief J.T. Alley met with Commission Board members and out of their discussions and concerns Voice of Hope was created.

Voice of Hope was the second Rape Crisis Center to open in Texas, opening six (6) months after the one in Austin, Texas.

Voice of Hope Today

In 2020, Voice of Hope had 275 new cases of sexual assault reported. 14% of those were male, and 86% were female. 43% of the victims were 17 or younger. There were an additional 28 new sex trafficking reports. 7 of the survivors were 17 or younger. Already under-reported crimes, reporting on sexual violence was significantly down in 2020.

Voice of Hope continues to expand its support for survivors and its prevention efforts. They are working to ensure that crimes are reported more often and ensure that survivors get the support they need following sexual violence.

Learn more about Voice of Hope and its mission at https://voiceofhopetexas.org/

Listen to the podcast episode with Kenneth Castillo and Leslie Timmons on Sexual Assault Awareness Month and Voice of Hope's prevention efforts: https://www.liveunitedlubbock.org/podcast