Upbring of Lubbock, A Community Partner Since 1978

Celebrating Upbring

Providing quality services for those in need

Upbring of Lubbock became a Community Partner in 1978 when they were simply known as Lutheran Social Services. In 1992, the Health for Friends Clinic was established to provide education, screenings and referrals, and other health services to those that cannot afford health insurance. 

Upbring is determined to ensure everyone has access to quality services despite their financial standing. Programs such as Health for Friends say to the people served by them, "We care."

A history of health care

Joy Loper became executive director of Upbring in 1988. At the time, Upbring partnered with United Way for an afterschool program at Posey Elementary. In the early 90s, the YWCA developed a new afterschool program that could better serve students across Lubbock. Upbring decided to end their program and worked with United Way Planning Council on a community needs assessment. After evaluating the high numbers of chronically ill patients in Lubbock that did not have access to health care, Health for Friends Clinic was created. Since then, Upbring has provided health screenings and ongoing support at little to no charge.


Upbring today

In 2020, Upbring was able to assist 714 people through their Health for Friends Clinic despite the challenges brought on by the pandemic. In the same year, Upbring moved its operations to the new YWCA EnVision Center to better serve its clients. They are in the process of adding telehealth services to reach more people in need.

Learn more about Upbring and its mission at https://upbring.org/health-for-friends-clinic/