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United Way surpasses $6 million campaign goal

The Lubbock Area United Way raised 100.1 percent of its 2016 campaign goal and, for the first time ever, surpassed the $6 million mark.

Amber Dean, Lubbock Area United Way 2016 campaign chairwoman, announced the community contributed $6,031,073, during a Victory Report Luncheon Tuesday held at the Lubbock Memorial Civic Center, 1501 Mac Davis Lane.

“This is the largest amount the community has ever raised,” Dean said. “I am so thankful from the bottom of my heart for everything that you have done to contribute. I know that the United Way partner agencies share in this sentiment, as well, and all of the volunteers.”

This year, the organization celebrated its 70th anniversary. In the past 70 years, the Lubbock community has contributed more than $170 million to support United Way partner agencies.

Currently, the United Way supports 23 community partners that work to help assist people with needs, such as affordable child care, crisis situations, character development, adult literacy, job training and youth mentoring.

The Lubbock Area United Way announced its $6 million campaign goal in August and by October about 58.5 percent — $3,543,753 — of the 2016 goal had been reached.
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During the Victory Report Luncheon, Emie Young, United Way Loaned Executive chairwoman, recognized the 54 volunteers in the Loaned Executive Division for their work in assisting more than 200 Lubbock businesses with its campaigns. The Loaned Executive and Jump Start divisions raised more than $3.2 million.

Eric Finely, United Way marketing chair, recognized the Speakers’ Bureau Volunteers for their marketing personations to more than 9,000 people during the 2016 campaign.

Judy Parker, Lubbock Area United Way 2016 board of directors chairwoman, also thanked Dean for the work she put in as the chair for the 2016 campaign.

“The work it takes to run a campaign never ceases to amaze me,” Parker said. “I had the pleasure with working closely with this year’s campaign chair Amber Dean and I have seen first hand the hard work and dedication that Amber has put into this task. Her passion for United Way is evident in every meeting and event she has participated in and led.”

Dean said she was able to witness the community’s generosity and willingness to serve throughout the year as campaign chairwoman.

“I can’t begin to express what a blessing this past year has been to me,” Dean said. “When I stop and think about all of the good work that is going on around our community and within our 23 United Way partner agencies, I tend to become speechless. It’s pretty amazing what is going on in this community.”

2016 United Way Annual Campaign Totals
Campaign Divisions
■ National: $13,146
■ Special Gifts: $62,293
■ Combined Federal Campaign: $64,920
■ Professional: $172,349
■ Golf Tournaments: $225,720
■ Local Government: $356,033
■ State Employee Charitable Campaign: $869,336
■ Corporate: $1,000,576
■ Loaned Executive/JumpStart: $3,266,700
■ TOTAL: $6,031,073

by Denise Marquez

Story published in the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal - November 30, 2016