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United Way announces summer reading events, parenting expert weighs in

June 6, 2019 | KCBD
By Melanie Camacho

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) - Summer is here and groups around Lubbock are eager to get kids to read during their time off from school, and now United Way released their summer reading calendar to make sure the public knows of the reading events that go on each week.

“Here at United Way, one of our priorities is early childhood stress the importance of reading to and with children,” said Ashley Ammons, the Impact Director at Lubbock Area United Way.

So, they created a calendar of all free or low cost reading events in the city, to inform parents of the opportunities out there. They advocate for kids to be grade-level readers by third grade.

“[They’re] learning to read by the end of third grade and from fourth grade [and] on, they’re reading to learn,” she said."It’s been very interesting to compile this data and information to see all of the opportunities that are provided for this community at really low-cost or free for everyone. We know that kids can lose about 2-3 months of learning in the summer, if they’re not actively engaged."

Carla Olson with Parenting Cottage echoed these statements, saying she wants parents to understand the importance of reading.

“It’s pushing reading... one of the most important tools parents can use with young children.”

“The number one reason that children get retained in kindergarten and first grade is lack of reading skills…building that vocabulary, letting them see that letters, they recognize letters, then those letters form words, those words form sentences.” she said. “So if you aren’t at grade-level by third grade, it’s going to be really really hard without some special effort.”


Visit school district websites to see if your local school libraries will be open.