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South Plains Heroes



While it's important to keep up-to-date information available about local resources, we want to share incredible stories of South Plains heroes who are going above and beyond to care for their neighbors. Let these stories inspire you to do good for others.

Have a story to share? Email us at or connect with us on social media and tag your post using #SouthPlainsHeroes.

4 Easy Ways to Bless a South Plains Neighbor

  1. Wash your hands, practice social-distancing, stay at home if possible. When you do so, your are slowing the spread of the virus and ensuring you don't infect your neighbors, especially those who are most vulnerable.
  2. Create a Care Circle of 5 to 10 people. Call those people often to check-in and support each others mental and physical health.
  3. Shop your fair-share and help our local stores make sure there is plenty for everyone. Supply chains are up and running and the shelves will be restocked and remain so if we all limit ourselves to what we need.
  4. Write an encouragement email to a medical provider, first-responder, government official or essential personnel to thank them for their committment to our communities and encourage them as they deal with challenging situations.

South Plains Heroes

4/6/20 - Covenant donated 288 gowns to UMC EMS.

4/2/20 - Aramark and Durham employees are continuing to feed thousands of students daily.

4/2/20 - Lubbock's solid waste department is working extra hard to keep the city healthy.

4/2/20 - Picoso's is feeding 5,000 health care workers and first responders.

4/1/20 - Malia Albin, a nurse manager with the Palliative Medicine Unit, started a food pantry for her floor at Covenant Health to help feed her coworkers.

4/1/20 - Frenship Officer Mosher stuffed Tiger Bites weekend food bags with extra goodies.

4/1/20 - Covenant Hospital is organizing a community wide social distancing prayer.

3/31/20 - Coach Wells brought Rudy's to the employees at UMC's EC.

3/30/20 - Citibus is providing free fare on its fixed routes to allow passengers to enter from the back so drivers and passengers can practice better social distancing.

3/30/20 - Lubbock ISD is providing free childcare to UMC and Covenant families while their parents continue to care for patients and address the outbreak in our community.

3/30/20 - Dollar General is now providing a discount to all medical personnel, first responders and activated National Guardsmen.

3/27/20 - After having to close, 4ORE Golf fed the hourly employees that lost their jobs due to the closing.

3/26/20 - Every Thursday from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. at Faith Christian Family Church, people can drive up to their carport, share what is on their mind, and receive prayer.

3/26/20 - United delivered bouquets from canceled events to the area hospitals.

3/26/20 - Texas Tech professors and students are using 3D printers to create face shields for doctors and nurses at UMC.

3/25/20 - The Salvation Army started making and delivering 'Hope Totes" for Lubbock residents. Inside of the ‘Hope Tote’ are things like paper towels, toilet paper, Clorox wipes, cleaning supplies, blankets and more.

3/25/20 - Lubbock ISD has made their Youth Art Month Exhibit available digitally.

3/24/20 - This famous Lubbock shubbery is taking precautions along with the rest of the city.

3/24/20 - Wester Elmentary teachers and staff held a parade to say hi and encourage their students and families. (P.S. So many schools have held their own parades that we can't keep track of them all!)

3/24/20 - Lubbock County school districts began feeding students yesterday through pick-up locations at local schools and drop-offs on school bus routes.

FOX34 Lubbock

3/23/20 - Over the weekend, someone chalked a thank you message on UMC sidewalks.

3/23/20 - This Facebook Group is working to create masks for the medical community to help supplement the short supply.

3/21/20 - A group of Lubbock residents started a Facebook Group to help connect people in need and to just be neighborhly (while social distancing).

3/20/20 - All Lubbock County school districts are providing innovative and alternative ways for students to continue to receive meals during the school shutdown. View individual school district plans on the "Local Resources" page.

3/19/20 - Willie Nelson hosted a free online concert with a few of his pals. (Okay, we know, Willie is not techincally a "South Plains" Hero, but we're pretty sure we'd all claim him if we could.)

3/19/20 - Our local hospitals are working together to address the COVID-19 outbreak and ensure that all South Plains residents receive the best care possible.

3/19/20 - A group of med students is teaming up to provide to care for the children and pet of healthcare workers. One is a former United Way Youth Division member.

3/18/20 - Assistant Manager Gary at the 19th Street Market Street was spotted helping a man get his groceries loaded into his car, despite heavy flooding in the parking lot.

3/18/20 - Suddenlink is providing free internet for 60 days to families without internet access.

3/18/20 - Lubbock Public Libraries are offering curbside pick-up. No better time to get your read on.

3/18/20 - Our Start Smart Coalition, the Parenting Cottage, and Texas Public Media have teamed up to offer a free text service called Bright by Texas which provides helpful tips and ideas to help parents engage with their kids.

3/17/20 - The School of Rock is preparing to offer remote music lessons.


3/17/20 - Lubbock County has delayed all evictions.

3/17/20 - Local truckers are working hard to make sure shelves stay stocked.

3/16/20 - Buddy Holly Center offers a Srping Break Staycation with pre-packaged crafts for pick-up.

3/16/20 - Lubbock hosted a show for kids who missed out on the Houston and Austin livestock shows this year, dubbing it “The Alternative Show” so nearly 600 kids from Texas could show more than 1,500 pigs.

3/16/20 - Lubbock National bank stopped foreclosures and repossessions for one month.

3/16/20 - South Plains Electric Coop, Lubbock Power & Light, Atmos Energy, and Excel Energy have all suspended service disconnections.

3/13/20 - Lubbock Chamber of Commerce trends with the Lubbock handshake