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Our goal is to eliminate child abuse and sex trafficking in our communities.

Every day three children are confirmed abused or neglected in Lubbock County, nearly double the state average. In 2018, there were more than 1,100 confirmed cases, about 3 elementary schools full.

Sex trafficking continues to be a growing issue. In 2018, Voice of Hope served 396 primary sexual assault survivors. Of those, 37 were confirmed cases of sex trafficking. Most sexual assaults and sex trafficking cases go unreported.

Sex Trafficking Education: Lubbock Area United Way is partnering with Voice of Hope to educate groups in the community about what sex trafficking is and how it affects the South Plains. For more information, please Contact Devin McCain

Our Initiatives


In partnership with the South Plains Coalition for Child Abuse Prevention, we mark Child Abuse Prevention Month in April with the Go Blue Lubbock initiative. By asking people to wear blue on Fridays during the month, our goal is raise awareness about child abuse and neglect on the South Plains and help connect families with resources to prevent abuse from ever starting. More than 75,000 people participated in the 2019 initiative.