Program & Stewardship Review

At United Way, we are committed to transparency and accountability. We want you to feel comfortable that your gifts to United Way are being invested wisely and that they result in measurable outcomes that are transforming lives on the South Plains. Our annual review processes are critical to keeping that committment. 

All of our Community Partners submit a Program Review and Stewardship Review packet each year. The packets contain information such as number of people served, outcomes that measure the effectiveness of programs, financial audits, and more. These packets are then reviewed by Lubbock Area United Way staff, board members, and other trained volunteers. These volunteers then make recommendations and reports to our Community Impact Leadership Team and our Board of Directors to ensure ultimate transparency.

Program Review

Our annual Program Review process is an opportunity for you to see the full impact of how donations to United Way are used. Through the volunteer process, you will be trained and equipped to determine the effectiveness of United Way funded programs. Following this training and together with a team of approximately 10 other volunteers, you will have the opportunity to visit an agency and review documents submitted by one of our Community Partners. From your training and the information you have received, you and your team will make recommendations to the agencies and United Way about how to improve and grow programs. In 2020, five agencies will go through a full Program Review.

Because of the COVID-19 crisis, site visits have been canceled. Teams are meeting online, and Questions & Answer Sessions are being conducted online.

Time Commitment:

  • Site Visits: April - 2 hours maximum
  • Read agency materials on own: about 1 hour
  • Team Meeting: 1 hour (scheduled by team members)
  • Question & Answer Session: May - 3 hours maximum

     Total: 7-8 hours

Volunteers for the 2020 Program Review are already working on the review process. If you would like more information about Program Review or volunteering in for future revivews, please contact Community Impact Director, Devin McCain.

Stewardship Review

Through the Stewardship Review process, volunteers ensure that United Way Partner Agencies are fiscally sound and accountable. Trained volunteers evaluate a packet of information that includes an agency audit, form 990, current budget and financials with comparisons, grants and other information. They then report back to the Community Impact Leadership Team. This information is used to help develop our Community Partners and ensure that funds are being used efficiently and wisely throughout.

Time Commitment:

  • Stewardship Orientation: June - 1 hour
  • Stewardship Report Meeting: July - 1 hour
  • Prepare report on agency materials: 2-4 hours

      Total: 4 to 6 hours

If you would like to volunteer or receive additional information, please contact Community Impact Director, Devin McCain.