The Parenting Cottage, A Community Partner Since 2003

Celebrating the Parenting Cottage

Equipping parents to be their child's first and best teacher

The Parenting Cottage became a Community Partner in 2003 when we partnered with the organization to build stronger communities through building stronger families. Children are born learning. One of the most important ways children learn is through their interactions with their parent(s) and those around them. The Parenting Cottage helps parents learn to be their child’s first and most important “teacher” through play and interaction.

Parenting education in many different areas helps parents appreciate many of the joys of parenting while also learning how to handle even the most challenging parenting moments. 


A history of supporting families

The Parenting Cottage was founded in 1982 to serve special needs children. "COTTAGE" was an acronym for Center Offering Therapy, Training, Assistance and Group Education. Originally housed in Seaman Hall through the assistance of the Episcopal Diocese, the Parenting Cottage received a generous gift from the J.E. and L.E. Mabee Foundation in 1985 to move to the current location on 50th Street.

In 1995, a Community Task Force recommended the expansion of services to include all children and families seeking support and parent education. Home visitation and services for at-risk families were added and in 1998 through a community block grant.

In 2003, United Way began supporting the Parenting Cottage's Parents as Teachers (PAT) program, one of more than 80 PAT accredited programs in the State of Texas. PAT began in St. Louis, Missouri in 1981 to serve first-time parents of newborns. On the national and international level, the PAT evidence-based program has been replicated at approximately 3,000 accredited sites in the United States and in seven foreign countries. Through the program, parents are matched with their own individual educator who visits their home twice monthly to assist parents in developing and implementing strengths-based individualized parenting plans for their family with the parent serving as the agent of desired change in their family. Visits after birth engage both parent and child in age-appropriate developmental activities.



The Parenting Cottage today

The Parenting Cottage's PAT program is one of the few evidence-based programs proven to prevent child abuse. With 3 children confirmed as victims of child abuse or neglect in Lubbock County every day, the Parenting Cottage's prevention efforts are critical to the overall wellbeing of children and families on the South Plains. Thanks to the support of United Way donors, PAT is provided at no cost to families. The Parenting Cottage also provides other programs like parenting classes and car seat education. All programs are provided at no cost to families.


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