Our Work

Focus on Education
On the surface, the number one obstacle that stands in the way of achieving these goals is poverty, however the real culprit is lack of education. The single strongest correlation of an individual’s income level is his or her level of education.  Everything is connected; a better education leads to a better job, which leads to increased earnings and access to health care, then ultimately independence.    

United Way and its partner agencies will continue to help those in crisis. However, it is understood that no single entity can solve the community’s complex problems. Together, with the community, United Way is funding programs that work in three taregted areas:

  • SUCCESS BY 6: Programs work in areas that ensure children who enter kindergarten are healthy and ready to learn.

  • SUCCESS IN SCHOOL: Programs connect young people with the resources they need to graduate from high school and move on to a bright future.

  • SUCCESS FOR LIFE: Programs work to create opportunities for adults to gain the literacy and job skills they need to work and live independently.

Each addresses needs and issues at specific age level groups.  At every chapter of life, Lubbock Area United Way is seeking ways to be proactive and empower others to attain success.

Public Policy
United Way's public policy advocacy plays a vital role in the community by serving as a link between non-profit organizations and government. United Way seeks to communicate, inform and educate elected and appointed government officials at the local, state and federal levels about issues related to our mission and the community.

United Way continues to work with and assist a variety of partnerships and collaborative efforts that address many of the issues that are consistent with our priorities. These include the South Plains Coalition for the Prevention of Child Abuse, P-20 Closing the Gaps Council, Early Childhood Intervention, free income tax preparation for low-income families, South Plains Homeless Consortium and the Building Strong Families Conference.

Community Status Report
Lubbock Area United Way has produced the Community Status Report in collaboration with other local agencies and organizations since 1999. The report is used to keep up-to-date on the issues facing the community and to ensure funds are being directed to the most relevant needs. Click here to view the most recent report.