Our Partners

United Way works with companies, governments, nonprofits and other organizations to address complex challenges in our community. Our partners contribute more than money. Their ideas, volunteer power, in-kind support and more are helping build stronger communities.

Our Supporters
Local businesses and their employees contribute critical dollars each year to fund needed services in our communities. Many employees also serve as volunteers, giving their time and skills to advance our mission.

Event Sponsors
Our Campaign Event Sponsors help keep administrative costs down while providing training and education to volunteers. Sponsors cover the cost for the Mid-Report and Victory Report events that 1,200 of our community donors and volunteers attend annually.

Community Partner Agencies
Lubbock Area United Way works with 23 Community Partner Agencies. These partners work to address various issues ranging from early childhood learning to adult illiteracy. Through these partnerships, Lubbock Area United Way strives to advance the common good.