United Way Releases 2022 Community Status Report

United Way Releases 2022 Community Status Report

October 20, 2022 | Press Release

LUBBOCK, TX – Lubbock Area United Way released its 2022 Community Status Report, which tracks demographics, education, economic, health, and safety indicators in Lubbock County. The 2022 report shows how Lubbock County has begun to stabilize following the pandemic but also describes issues that have been made worse due to the crisis. The Community Status Report is a collaborative effort between Lubbock Area United Way and the City of Lubbock, Covenant Health, Lubbock County, Lubbock Independent School District, Texas Tech University, Texas Tech Health Sciences Center, and UMC Health System.

The 2022 report looks at several factors impacting Lubbock County residents like economic mobility. In Lubbock, 48% of households struggle to afford basic needs with the median family income decreasing by 9% between 2016 and 2020. Both the U.S. and Texas overall saw increases in median family income during that time period.

United Way Community Impact Director Devin McCain said, “To achieve economic mobility requires overcoming numerous barriers and opportunity gaps. This change occurs over generations or during one’s lifetime.”

The Community Status Report is used to provide up-to-date information on important issues facing the Lubbock area and ensure funds are being directed to the most relevant needs. Gifts to the United Way Annual Campaign go toward addressing challenges presented in the Community Status Report through the work of United Way Community Partners. The report has also become an authority for accurate data that nonprofits throughout the region rely on when developing grant proposals. The report and additional statistical data can be accessed online at liveunitedlubbock.org/communitystatusreport.

Community members are invited to be part of creating lasting change by giving to Lubbock Area United Way at liveunitedlubbock.org/give.