Community Spotlight: Every little bit counts when it comes to the Lubbock Area United Way

October 19, 2020 | KAMC News

By Lauren Matter

The Lubbock area United Way supports more than 20 different organizations in our community.

And 98 cents of every dollar donated stays right here.

“We’re that hand up,” explained Amanda McAfee, Vice President of Marketing and Communications for United Way. “We’re those folks when you can’t pay the light bill but it’s due, we can give a little bit of extra help in order to make sure that light bill is paid.”

The United Way has been part of our community for 74 years.

They collaborate with 23 different organizations around the South Plains like the American Red Cross, Big Brothers Big Sisters, CASA, Literacy Lubbock, and the YWCA just to name a few.

And in all those organizations, they’re helping issues that affect people in their everyday lives.

“We’re trying to get to the roots of the issues instead of just hitting the leaves and the branches,” explained McAfee. “We’re really digging down so we’re actually making real change for folks in our area and real change for the South Plains.”

And that change means even more during the Coronavirus pandemic.

“Our community partners have come in and said we have seen people come in who have never asked for help before and I don’t even know where to start,” said McAfee.

McAfee says the more donations the better.

The money will be dispersed throughout their community partners and trickle down to help as many people as possible.

“Last year 20% of our annual campaign came from people giving $5 or less,” McAfee said. “If you have a couple of bucks a month that you can put aside for United Way please consider doing that because we know a lot of folks in our community aren’t going to be able to give some or at all so we really need your support.”

You can donate to the United Way by clicking here.