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Our Mission

Our Mission: Giving • People • Hope

Since 1946, Lubbock Area United Way has raised more than $180 million dollars to change lives and advance the common good. 

Yet, simpler times meant simpler solutions. While Lubbock has become a hub of activity in such areas as education, arts, and health, the community is faced with a widening gap in income and quality of life. High rates of poverty, child abuse, illiteracy, teen pregnancy and low birth weight babies indicate that all is not well.

However, Lubbock Area United Way is more than a fundraising vehicle. We work with 23 Community Partners to address needs and remove barriers

Through the research we do in our Community Status Report, we know that the lack of education leads to a variety of issues that are interconnected. Our Work focuses on education as the key to addressing the root cause of these issues and empowering individuals and families to take charge of the quality of their lives.


Annual Report



[Click here to view a PDF of the 2018 Annual Report]