Lubbock to Wear Blue On Fridays to Help Prevent Child Abuse | Lubbock Area United Way

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Lubbock to Wear Blue On Fridays to Help Prevent Child Abuse

April 15, 2020 | KFYO

By Jan Miller

Wear blue on Fridays in April to help prevent child abuse, it's National Child Abuse Prevention Month according to KLBK and Lubbock's United Way.

Raise awareness and help prevent child abuse. Even when we're staying at home we can wear blue and share a picture, a tag and go to #gobluelubbock.
So many families have more time at home now in addition to the added stress of the crisis. Now is a difficult time and the risk of child abuse, unfortunately, has increased. Now is the time to be aware and help.
So wear blue on Fridays this month. You can follow this link to the Facebook post from the Lubbock United Way. Here's what they share:
It's Go Blue Friday! Show us your blue and help prevent child abuse. What's one more thing you can do today to help? Check on a parent or a caregiver. Play a game on FaceTime with their kids so they can get some downtime. Text them some encouragement. Parenting is especially hard right now. Let parents and caregivers know you're there to support them. We can all do a little or a lot to help our neighbors.
Reach out to help your friends, family, and neighbors, raise awareness to end child abuse and wear blue on Fridays!