Lubbock Children's Health Clinic, A Community Partner Since 1952

Celebrating Lubbock Children's Health Clinic

Providing primary health care to children in need

Lubbock Children’s Health Clinic became a Community Partner in 1952 to help provide quality healthcare to the medically underserved children of Lubbock. Some of their pediatric services include sick care, wellness exams, and immunizations.

Regardless of race, sex, or the parents’ ability to pay, the Children’s Health Clinic is committed to serving the children and families of the community. They encourage preventive health care by serving as a medical home for children with acute illnesses as well as follow-up care that help prevent conditions from developing into more serious issues.

The organization is dedicated to assuring that families can have a long and healthy future together.

A history of family healthcare

The clinic began in 1939 when it was previously known as the Well Baby Clinic, a project of Junior League. Over the years, the scope of its services has expanded to meet the growing needs of the Lubbock community.

The organization especially stepped up to help during the pandemic as it became a COVID-19 testing site for children. They persisted and kept their doors open throughout 2020 to help serve during a time of crisis.

Lubbock Children's Health Clinic Today

Lubbock Children’s Health Clinic served 3,593 children in 2020. Each year, the Lubbock Children’s Health Clinic offers physical exams and school supplies for back-to-school success. They remain a crucial medical home for the underserved areas of Lubbock.

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