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Local First Responder Recognized as 2017 Campaign Volunteer of the Year

The first word that comes to mind at the mention of Deputy Fire Chief Shaun Fogerson’s name is humility. The second is dedication.

Prior to the 2017 Annual Campaign, Shaun had little knowledge of or experience with Lubbock Area United Way. Asked to co-chair the City of Lubbock’s campaign alongside Traffic Engineering Department Head Sharmon Owens and Assistant Police Chief Jon Caspell, Shaun immersed himself in the volunteer position.

As a co-chair, Shaun participated in United Way’s Loaned Executive program, providing fire trucks for the children at Early Learning Center to explore on Day of Caring, touring several of our Community Partners, and being a consistent support to his Loaned Executive team throughout the campaign. Because of what he learned and experienced through the Loaned Executive program, Shaun took it upon himself to host 15 United Way rallies over the course of two days with every Lubbock Fire Rescue shift. For each rally, Shaun utilized a United Way speaker to share his/her story and then shared his personal experience.

Shaun told us that firefighters simply want the facts. They just want to know how it makes a difference. So Shaun simply shared the facts at each rally. Those facts and Shaun’s efforts to share them resulted in Lubbock Fire Rescue firefighters and employees quadrupling their giving over 2016.

Beyond Shaun’s efforts in his own department, he attended United Way “rallies” for several other departments, helped plan and execute the City’s Annual Employee Luncheon benefitting Lubbock Area United Way, and was even the first person to sit in the dunking booth on that cold, fall day. Local Government Chair for the 2017 Annual Campaign and City Secretary Becky Garza shared, “Shaun was a great representative for the Lubbock Area United Way and our City of Lubbock organization.  In addition to professionalism, his generous heart and passion made him an inspiration to us all.” City Manager Jarrett Atkinson added, “Shaun Fogerson embodies leadership by example.  His efforts on this year’s campaign produced tremendous results and truly demonstrates his dedication to our community.  It is a privilege to work with him and an honor to have him on the City’s team.”

With everything Shaun did, he never once asked for or wanted the credit. Instead, he always pointed the accolades toward his co-chairs, the City’s Rally Leaders, and his Loaned Executive team. He worked tirelessly to share the United Way story with his colleagues and friends all because he had seen firsthand the impact being made.

2017 Campaign Chairman Jon Stephens shared his gratitude for Shaun’s efforts: “The 2017 United Way Campaign included extraordinary effort from many people.  We had an amazing group of volunteers who spent countless hours attending trainings, speaking with donors, and organizing campaigns.  They stepped up and answered the challenge to do more for our 23 community partner agencies than had ever been done before.  One of those volunteers who stood out was Shaun Fogerson. Shaun brought a new vision to the fire department’s campaign.  His passion was on full display as he implemented a plan to reach every fire employee and tell them the United Way story.  His and his team’s effort resulted in an astounding increase over the prior year’s campaign!  I appreciate Shaun and all of our volunteers who went above and beyond to make this community a better place to live for those in need.”

It is Lubbock Area United Way’s distinct honor and a pleasure to name Shaun Fogerson the 2017 Campaign Volunteer of the Year. It is a joy to recognize a first-responder of the highest merit, who spends every day making a difference among his neighbors and in our community. Thank you, Shaun, for your extraordinary work on behalf of our city and on behalf of Lubbock Area United Way.