Literacy Lubbock, A Community Partner Since 1999


Literacy Education

Literacy Lubbock became a Community Partner in 1999 when we partnered with the organization to fund literacy education programs for adults such from reading and math tutoring to GED preparatory to English as a Second Language classes to help with learning disabilities such as dyslexia. Their Tiny Tots program also encourages reading at a young age through storytime events and free books for families.

Lubbock County has a 13% illiteracy rate. In terms of health, lower literacy rates correlate to higher poverty levels, poor health outcomes, higher rates of hospitalization, and more frequent outpatient visits. Over $230 billion per year is spent on health care costs linked to low-literacy adults. In terms of economic status, low-literate adults are over 10 times more likely to receive public financial aid. Employees are less likely to hire low-literacy adults, thus leading to longer bouts of unemployment. Again, those high unemployment times and the loss of tax revenue costs the government upwards of $225 billion per year. 

From textbooks to online articles, from prescription bottles to recipes, from text messages to health insurance forms - words are vital to everyday tasks. 

By carefully matching trained literacy volunteers with adult learners in both tutor and adult learner paired settings and additionally in classroom settings, Literacy Lubbock is able to provide personalized study through high impact individualized prescriptive lessons, books, and training for interested individuals in a very cost-effective manner, and at no cost to our adult learners.

A History of Helping People Learn

In 1989, Literacy Lubbock was started by a few lifelong educators to support and execute programs that enable people in Lubbock and the surrounding communities to become literate.

Since opening its doors, Literacy Lubbock has grown to serve more than 400 people annually through its programs. Literacy Lubbock volunteers are some of the most consistent and long-term volunteers in nonprofit work today, often staying with the organization for many years and logging thousands of hours during their tenure.

During the pandemic, Literacy Lubbock shifts its programs online, continuing to work to improve the lives of its students. More than 300 students continued through online coursework. The organization also passed out more than 8,000 books to children in their Tiny Tots program through home delivery and other means.

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