Guadalupe-Parkway Neighborhood Centers, A Community Partner Since 1962

Celebrating Guadalupe-Parkway

Building futures and fulfilling dreams

Guadalupe-Parkway Neighborhood Centers became a Community Partner in 1962 to address the needs of families living in underserved neighborhoods. The Centers have served thousands of children and their families over the years by providing literacy training, language skills, family living training, and academic support. Activities include academic homework assistance, sports and recreation, dance and fine arts, computer skills, and more. Their after-school and summer programs create opportunities for growth and building self-esteem in young children.

Guadalupe-Parkway serves to help individuals and their families unlock their full potential and grow, whether it is through fine arts or teaching necessary life skills. 

A history of helping children grow

Guadalupe-Parkway was founded in 1962 by Barbara Sommerville and the Lubbock Area United Way to address the needs of the community. The first center was established in the Guadalupe neighborhood in North Lubbock.

After the 1970 tornado which destroyed and damaged much of downtown and east Lubbock, Ms. Sommerville recognized the necessity for a similar center in the Parkway-Cherry Point neighborhood. Since that time both centers have grown to serve many children and families in the surrounding neighborhoods.

Every student that attends the Centers learns the Centers’ My Creed, “I believe in Excellence, Leadership and Respect. Today I will Learn and Grow. Today I am equipped with Talent. I have the resources and attitude to fulfill my Destiny. I will speak in complete sentences. I will look people in the eye. My handshake will be Firm and Confident. I WILL SUCCEED! BECAUSE I AM [child’s name].”

In 2019, the Parkway Center added a new building to expand its fine arts programming and better serve neighborhood families.



Guadalupe-Parkway today

To this day, the Guadalupe-Parkway Centers provide multiple opportunities for children to grow and learn. In 2020, they had served 737 children and their families through their many programs and exposing them to new things that they might not otherwise have the opportunity to experience.   

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