Give Today

We know that a child from a disadvantaged home begins school with a vocabulary of 5,000 words while a child from a more advantaged home begins school with a vocabulary of 20,000 words. Imagine our children entering the adult world with the inability to read the directions on their prescription bottle or the questions on a job application.

We know that the Children’s Advocacy Center conducted 791 forensic interviews in 2017 and of the 462 sexual assault cases Voice of Hope worked last year, 68 involved sex trafficking. And these are only the reported cases. Imagine our children, our daughters and sons, afraid for their lives and unable to learn in school or eventually hold down a job because of the trauma of these experiences.

We know that as of 2014 the suicide rate in Lubbock County was drastically above the state level. Imagine our community crippled by mental illness as both children and adults fail to cope.

These are not things we address alone. These are things we must address together…as a community. It takes all of us proving every day that we are what it means to LIVE UNITED – that we are committed to giving people hope.

And so we are issuing a challenge. A challenge to LIVE UNITED in your workplaces, in your neighborhoods, in your houses of faith, and in your own homes. A challenge to meet the 2018 campaign goal of $5,935,151 so that our Community Partners can continue helping United Way in our mission of Giving ∙ People ∙ Hope.



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