Family Counseling Services, A Community Partner Since 1954

Celebrating Family Counseling Services

Maintaining wellness for the community

Family Counseling Services became a Community Partner in 1954 when the need for better mental health and wellness was perceived by many Lubbock groups at that time. They offer a broad array of counseling and educational services to Lubbock and the surrounding areas. With its 24 experienced counselors, the agency provides individual, family, marriage, and group counseling services to the people of the South Plains. All services are offered on a sliding-scale-based fee.

Family Counseling Services strive to reach anyone and everyone to help them achieve their goals and become a happier, stronger version of themselves.    

A history of quality counseling

In 1954, United Way’s Community Planning Counseling assessed the need for affordable counseling services. From this initial study, Family Counseling Services was born.

Seeing the increased needs of the community, the agency expanded its services to keep up with demands in 2002 and since that time have continued to expand. Bryan Moffitt has been the executive director at Family Counseling for almost 19 years and continues to strive for quality service for the South Plains.

Family Counseling Services today

Family Counseling Services has since expanded its services by over 400% and constructed a new facility in 2010. They have served 1,162 people despite the hurdles the pandemic has caused and now provide remote counseling sessions via Zoom to be more accommodating to those that need it.

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