Early Learning Centers, A Community Partner Since 1949

Celebrating Early Learning Centers

Laying the foundation for all future learning

Early Learning Centers became a Community Partner in 1949 as the need for a daycare to serve low-income families increased when mothers began working in the war effort. The agency offers an educational, hands-on program to help all children grow and develop in their own unique way to ensure that they leave Kindergarten ready. The longer a child is enrolled at Early Learning Centers, the more likely they are to have mastered developmental milestones than children of the same age. 

A history of child development

In 1943 Carver Heights Nursery, the first of five Early Learning Centers, began operation in East Lubbock. Carver Heights was the first nursery to serve African American children and their families in Lubbock. Later in 1951, the nursery joined with a second center to form the Day Care Associate of Lubbock, Inc. 

Early Learning Center today

As of today, there are four Early Learning Centers operating in North and East Lubbock. Early Learning Centers partner with many community groups such as Lubbock ISD, Texas Tech, Foster Grandparent, and all the United Way Community Partners to provide enhanced services to children. The organization served 2,680 children in 2020 despite the health crisis and continues to provide quality childcare at an affordable price. 

Learn more about Family Counseling Services and its mission at https://www.fcslubbock.org/