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Doing Good in the Neighborhood: United We Read

September 30, 2019 | Source: Fox34



Reading is key to a child's success in school and sets them up for big opportunities later in life.

On Thursday the Lubbock Area United Way teamed up with thousands of students in our area for United We Read. United We Read takes education beyond a classroom's four walls by transporting kids through storytelling.

It's all part of the United Way's efforts to make sure children have grade level literacy by the time they reach third grade.

"It's so important for children's success in the future. It's on of those milestones that's very, very important," President and CEO of the Lubbock Area United Way Glenn Cochran said.

The second annual event introduced "Thelma the Unicorn" to nearly 3,600 second graders across nine districts.

Kids read with teachers, superintendents, and at Frenship, even the school's police officer. With more than 700 volunteers coming together, Lubbock County proved that successfully educations kids really does take a village.

"We are part of a community that is here to help each other, to lift each other up," Jackie De La Garza, Frenship ISD Police Officer, said. "And it was great to see today. It was one of many examples."

There were English and Spanish-speaking readers and books, so no child in the entire county was left out of the fun.

Frenship's ISD Superintendent Michelle McCord said it's important for kids to see adults investing time in them.

"The impact, I think, is immeasurable because they got to see adults that maybe they haven't met before, that support that. Adults that took time out of their busy days to be with the kids."

After reading with the volunteers, students exercised their creative sides making story-themed arts and crafts. Thanks to the United Way, every child was able to keep those art supplies plus a copy of "Thelma the Unicorn" emphasizing the importance of having books and taking the time out of busy days to read with children at home.

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