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Counting the homeless in Lubbock

January 24, 2019 | Source: KLBK News


By Emily Harrison

LUBBOCK, Texas - Dozens of volunteers fanned out across Lubbock Thursday morning to count the number of homeless people living on the streets.
Both volunteers and the homeless could be seen making their way to Salvation Army and Open Door to participate in the survey.
Chris Ray, who took the survey, said people talk about Lubbock as a very Christian town, but he doesn't see as many people get involved as he thinks should.
"I've seen people a lot more cold than I am, and I try to help as much as I can, but others just don't get involved," Ray said.
Ashley Ammons, President of the South Plains Homeless Consortium, said having the right information about the homeless population can help non-profits get the federal funding they need to help those in need.
"We want to be the most true and accurate number so that we can see what the real problem looks like in our community," Ammons said. "We have to deal with each person as an individual, and really work with them as there is no one-size fits all."
Both volunteers and those participating in the survey said homelessness in our area is an on-going issue that deserves to be taken more seriously.
"I would love to see a community that recognizes that homelessness is a very complicated, and complex," said Andrea Omojola, Deputy Director of Open Door. "Homelessness is not always a choice, and most of us are just one step away from being in the shoes of the people that we see on the streets."