Celebrating our Founding Community Partners

Celebrating our Founding Community Partners

In 1946, the Lubbock Community Chest was founded with five institutional Community Partners, four of which are still partners today. These agencies are the Boys & Girls Club, the Boy Scouts, the Girl Scouts, and Salvation Army. The fifth agency is no longer in existence due to a shift in community needs.


Celebrating the Boy Scouts of Lubbock

In 1924, Sam Henry, Sr. of Lubbock joined local leaders from other areas to towns in applying to the Boy Scouts of America for a local council charter. The South Plains Council was officially established in January of 1925. Their mission is to prepare young people by instilling ethical and moral values, while also building self-confidence and allowing them to experience new things. Surveys show that Scouting also helps make families stronger by allowing them to talk more, travel together, and work on projects together. Youth with Scouting experience are also more likely to graduate, maintain lifelong friendships, do better financially, and put others before themselves.

Learn more about the Boy Scouts and its mission at https://www.southplainscouncil.org/

Celebrating the Girl Scouts of Texas Oklahoma Plains

The Girl Scouts of the Caprock Council was formed in the 1930s. These first Girl Scouts blazed trails and redefined what was possible for themselves and for girls across the area. Girl Scouts strive to build girls of courage, confidence, and character through their programs. Through these experiences, girls can gain important skills of leadership and face challenges that will shape them for the future.

Learn more about the Girl Scouts and its mission at https://www.gs-top.org/  

Celebrating the Boys and Girls Club of Lubbock

The Boys and Girls Club actually represents two of United Way’s founding members, the Lubbock Boys’ Club and the Optimist Boys’ Club. Originally founded during World War II, the clubs gave boys a safe place to be and recreational opportunities when families and the community were disrupted during the war effort. Girls were first invited to join in the 1950s. Their mission has remained constant ever since its founding, as they aim to meet the needs of Lubbock youth and provide a safe, positive place for learning and recreation. 

Learn more about the Boys and Girls Club and its mission at https://lubbockbgc.org/

Celebrating the Salvation Army of Lubbock

The Salvation Army was originally established in London, England in 1865. By 1922, the organization had made its way to Lubbock. Throughout the Great Depression, World War II, the 1970 tornado, to the pandemic, the Salvation Army has been meeting needs. The Salvation Army gives hope through providing shelter, assistance with food, clothing, and more to people in times of need or crisis. The organization is well-known for its homeless shelter and disaster relief efforts. Another service they provide is for families, assisting with rent, utilities, prescriptions, food vouchers, and hygiene boxes. The Salvation Army strives to help others through tough times, and through their programs, people are taught to assume control of their own lives. 

Learn more about the Salvation Army and its mission at https://www.salvationarmytexas.org/lubbock/