CASA of the South Plains, A Community Partner Since 1997

Celebrating CASA of the South Plains

Empowering advocates to be a voice of hope

CASA became a community partner in 1997 after seeing the success of the program across the country. CASA stands for a Court Appointed Special Advocate, who stands in for a child in cases of abuse and neglect when they are unable to speak for themselves. They speak for the best interests of children in the foster care system and ensure that their individual needs are met. Volunteer Advocates go through careful screening, as they get to know the child, their parents, and their family to thoroughly examine the case. 

CASA’s vision is to provide an advocate for every child in foster care who strives to secure a safe, nurturing, and permanent home.

A history of speaking up

CASA began in 1977 when a Seattle judge launched a program to ensure that foster children’s needs were met. Community volunteers were trained and appointed children to research their cases and speak up for their best interest. Local community members saw there was a need for CASA in Lubbock and worked tirelessly to educate our community on the importance of CASA and the work they do. 

In October of 1933, a Lubbock County Judge had first appointed a CASA volunteer to serve as a child’s advocate. Since then, more than 5,000 children have been provided with more than 1,000 advocates.

CASA today

Since the program came to Lubbock, it has expanded into the newly created “South Plains Cluster Court”, hence CASA of the South Plains, Inc. As of now, the program has 21 full-time employees and approximately 317 CASA volunteers to serve the children in need of a voice. 

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