Campaign Central

As this year’s campaign chairman, it has been my pleasure to visit all 23 of the United Way Community Partner Agencies. What an incredible experience that has been. These agencies are professionally run with a constant eye on being accountable for each dollar spent. Partner agencies respond to a myriad of community needs and help people of all ages. These needs are not restricted by ZIP Code; they are everywhere and touch numerous people, including, in some cases, our friends and family members.

People who access United Way services receive hot meals and hospitality at the Salvation Army, care and service from Women’s Protective Services, courtroom assistance from CASA, help with literacy from Literacy Lubbock, and job skill training from Goodwill Industries in addition to numerous other programs and outreach initiatives that cover a broad spectrum of services.

Simply put, the work we do together helps ensure these efforts continue.

Funds raised remain in the Lubbock area. It is likely you know someone impacted in some way by a United Way agency: Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Red Cross, the Boys & Girls Club, the Early Learning Centers. These agencies directly impact people from all walks of life every day.

That’s the mission, and I’m thankful you have chosen to accept it. I truly appreciate your time and dedication to helping Lubbock Area United Way.

Every effort matters because every life we touch matters.


All the best,

Doug Hensley

2018 Campaign Chairman