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Going Above and Beyond

We're not biased. We have the best volunteers in town.

Well, perhaps we’re a little biased, but we believe it's true because of the stories we hear about them. Stories like the one we heard when we recently sat down with LCU President, Dr. Tim Perrin.

A Snapshot of Homelessness: The Annual Point-In-Time Count

Each year the South Plains Homeless Consortium conducts a Point-In-Time Count of the homeless population in Lubbock. The count is intended to provide a snapshot of Lubbock’s homeless population in an effort to develop effective programs and measure progress toward ending homelessness.

Ashley Ammons, Lubbock Area United Way’s new Community Impact Director, participated in the count this year for the first time and shares her experiences below.

Who’s standing up for Lubbock’s children?

About a year ago, we asked Charlie Rowten if she would be interested in joining a group of women dedicated to making our community a better place through Lubbock Area United Way. She didn’t hesitate, but eagerly asked, “Can we get started this week?”  

Unfortunately, it takes more than a few days to organize and coordinate a group of more than 500 women. But this year that group, called Women United, officially launched and began researching a signature issue for the group to focus on.

Volunteering with United Way Impacts Lives

“I went back to the office just destroyed, knowing what happens in this community,” confessed Julie Mandrell following the Program Review site visit for CASA of the South Plains.

This is Julie’s fifth year volunteering for Lubbock Area United Way’s annual Program Review process. Through Program Review, United Way invites community volunteers to review funded programs at the 23 Community Partners to ensure donor funds go to proven services that benefit our South Plains communities.

Keri's Story

Keri Powell was nervous.

She wanted to mentor a girl through the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Lubbock program, but she didn’t have any children of her own and wasn't sure what to expect.

Powell met her ‘little sister,” Kiana, on Jan. 16, 2006. After trying to figure out what they should do for their first outing, the staff suggested she take Kiana to the McDonald’s down the street.

Jordan's Story

Jordan was 14 years old when he entered the foster care system. There was constant change in Jordan's life. After going through a series of caseworkers and living situations, Jordan was feeling more alone than ever. All that changed when Jordan met Stu.