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211: A Vital Service for Help

Call, text, email, or search for the help you need. 

Following the immediate crisis, more people than ever need help. 211 is there when you have nowhere else to turn.

When you need help in a crisis, where can you turn? 


These three numbers can offer a lot of help. During this global crisis, 211 has responded to thousands of calls, texts, and emails and provided help that people in our community need.

United We Change the Conversation About Mental Health

Join the Conversation. Change the Conversation. 

In Times of crisis, like the one we face now, it's especially important to support mental health. Studies show that 1 in 5 adults experience mental illness, yet less than half recieve the support they need. 
Many indivduals do not seek mental health treatment because of a lack of resources or the feared stigma attached to mental illness. 

What You Can Do to Change the Conversation