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amcafee's blog

Many hands working together

By Robin Raney, Executive Director of Goodwill Industries of Northwest Texas

There’s an old folk song by Pete Seeger that says, “One man’s hands can’t tear a prison down, two man’s hands can’t tear a prison down, but if two and two and fifty make a million – we’ll see that day come round. We’ll see that day come round.”

The Purpose of Life is to Give it Away

By Norval Pollard, United Way Volunteer and recipient of the 2019 Rita Harmon Volunteer Service Award

“The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” — William Shakespeare

I have been a Lubbock Area United Way volunteer in some form or fashion for some 30 years. I say that with a great deal of pride and joy because I realize I have done something significant, something bigger than myself, something I could have never achieved alone.

Lena's Story

By Lena Scaff, Executive Director for Early Learning Centers

Twenty-eight years ago, I was going through a very nasty divorce. I had two little girls, Bailey, 19 months and Kelsey, 3 months. Up to this point, I had been a stay-at-home mom and had only lived in Lubbock a short time. I needed to find a job so I could support my children. This also meant, I needed childcare.

Choosing Hope

By Beth Lawson, United Way Board Member and CEO of StarCare Specialty Health System

As we enter the last month of the year (dare I say decade!), I am delighted to share some thoughts about hope. Let’s start with what we know. We know Lubbock Area United Way is about: Giving · People · Hope. We also know hope is the battle cry for most every struggle, ailment or tragedy we face.

Debra's Story

By Debra Rogers, Women United Member and United Way Volunteer

I work for The Children’s Home of Lubbock. We are a nonprofit organization with a mission to rescue abused and neglected children and to restore broken families – and we are not a United Way Agency.

Standing Hand-in-Hand

By Dela Esqueda, Executive Director for Guadalupe-Parkway Neighborhood Centers

In our industry, we have a plethora of opportunities to be the “hand up” to a community in need. These opportunities sometimes come without prior notice. Recently, the Centers had one of these opportunities to be the light in the tunnel to a family in need.

Easy Ways to Help Your Child Avoid the Summer Slide

By Reagan Doyle, KTTZ & PBS

Summer is a time for sunshine, outdoors, and enjoying a well-earned break from the busyness of the school year. Unfortunately, summer is also when children can lose the equivalent of two months of academic learning from the previous grade. These losses are most noticeable in the early grades where children are learning foundational reading skills that will influence their futures.