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Standing Hand-in-Hand

By Dela Esqueda, Executive Director for Guadalupe-Parkway Neighborhood Centers

In our industry, we have a plethora of opportunities to be the “hand up” to a community in need. These opportunities sometimes come without prior notice. Recently, the Centers had one of these opportunities to be the light in the tunnel to a family in need.

Day of Caring is about Literacy and a Whole lot of Fun!

By Matt Ernst, 2019 Loaned Executive Chair

One of the most exciting days of United Way’s Annual Campaign each year, at least for me, is the Loaned Executive Day of Caring. Our group works with United Way’s Community Partners who serve children to plan literacy-focused events. But if you ask the young ones, they’ll probably tell you it’s all focused on fun!

Easy Ways to Help Your Child Avoid the Summer Slide

By Reagan Doyle, KTTZ & PBS

Summer is a time for sunshine, outdoors, and enjoying a well-earned break from the busyness of the school year. Unfortunately, summer is also when children can lose the equivalent of two months of academic learning from the previous grade. These losses are most noticeable in the early grades where children are learning foundational reading skills that will influence their futures.

The First 1800 Days

By Carla Olson, The Parenting Cottage

A child’s developmental journey begins before birth when moms receive early prenatal care and achieve a full 39-week pregnancy. The last weeks of which are all about brain development. That is every child’s best opportunity to start life healthy.