January Update

January Update

Becky Palmer

By Becky Palmer, 2023 Board Chair

In 2022, I had the opportunity to lead United Way’s efforts to put together a new strategic plan that will help guide the work of our organization for years to come. For an organization that focuses on Giving ∙ People ∙ Hope in our community and moving the needle on issues that affect our most vulnerable neighbors, a strategic plan can be quite an undertaking. I am so grateful to our board, our planning committee made up of various community experts and stakeholders, our Community Partners, and the team here at United Way for the work they put into a strong plan designed to give hope to thousands of people across the South Plains in tremendous ways.

Moving into the new year, here’s what you can expect from us:

First, we’re continuing our commitment to our children and the future of our community, by working to increase access to educational programs and materials to promote literacy and educational attainment for people of all ages. Basically, education matters. (Learn more)

Second, we’ll be continuing to support local prevention efforts and access to services for victims of child abuse and neglect, sex trafficking, and family violence. In other words, making sure every person feels safe in their home and in their community, and when they don’t, that they have resources available to support them. (Learn more)

Third, we’re continuing to work on an initiative first identified in our 2017 Strategic Plan—advocating for local access to quality mental health services and supports. Because mental health is health. (Learn more)

And finally, a new initiative added to this formal plan, but one we’ve been unofficially working on for many years, economic mobility—creating opportunities to move households towards financial stability. This is an issue that continues to stare us all of us in the face, especially now, as we continue to deal with an uncertain economy.

If you look back at the first three, the success of all of them is often significantly impacted by household financial stability. We’re looking forward to sharing more about ALICE with new data expected in 2023. (Learn more about ALICE here.) We’re also excited to work with our local and state governments, local school districts, business owners, and other stakeholders to find creative ways to support economic mobility for all of our neighbors on the South Plains.

So, stay tuned in 2023. We’ve got big plans and there will be ways for you to get involved. In the meantime, thank you for supporting Lubbock Area United Way in

Giving ∙ People ∙ Hope.