211: A Vital Service for Help

Call, text, email, or search for the help you need. 

Following the immediate crisis, more people than ever need help. 211 is there when you have nowhere else to turn.

When you need help in a crisis, where can you turn? 


These three numbers can offer a lot of help. During this global crisis, 211 has responded to thousands of calls, texts, and emails and provided help that people in our community need.
It’s all because when people contact 211 they get caring, expert help. The real people—trained 211 specialists—on the other end of the 24/7 hotline identify the root causes of a client’s problems and connect them to local resources such as:
Medical and mental health care
Job training
Child care 
Legal assistance
Addiction treatment
Disaster recovery
Financial coaching
Disability resources
Veterans services
Volunteer opportunities
211 fielded more than 11 million calls across the country in 2018, as well as almost 1 million texts, chats, and emails, plus another 13 million web searches. That adds up to tens of millions of lives changed through this vital national service.
If you need help, please reach out to 211.