2021 Community Partner Volunteer of the Year, Karen Bosscher

2021 Community Partner Volunteer of the Year

Karen Bosscher

Karen BosscherKaren Bosscher does a lot within the community as part of her church work and her passion for St. Benedicts. This year, she stepped up in a big way and added volunteering for the YWCA of Lubbock. With the labor shortage at its peak, Karen heard that the YWCA was struggling to serve a school with after-school care because they could not find a bus driver.

There aren’t many people who would volunteer for that particular position, but Karen shows up every day to drive a van of early elementary students from the Condra School to the YWCA on University. Not many believed that someone would take on this job voluntarily. The children are young, and many have special needs—all need a lot of special attention. Karen adapted easily. She understood immediately that these children needed strong relationships they could count on, and she began immediately making up fun ways to keep the children engaged and encouraged every day.

Most volunteers are invaluable—but they typically do what is asked and don’t see themselves as an active contributor to the mission of the organization. Not so for Karen. She takes this volunteer job very seriously and goes over and above in every way to meet the needs of the children and the staff she encounters. 

The important thing to note about Karen is that she truly wants to volunteer. Even when offered compensation—she is adamant that she wants to serve as a volunteer. She works in the best spirit of United Way volunteerism. She is a jewel for the YWCA organization, and they were grateful she is being recognized for her commitment to giving of herself—the most important gift we each have to offer.