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2019 Point In Time Survey

United Way partnered again this year with the South Plains Homeless Consortium (SPHC) for the 2019 Point in Time Survey at the end of January. The survey helps stakeholders better understand the needs of Lubbock’s homeless population and will be used to acquire needed funding to assist homeless individuals and families in getting back on their feet.

For the survey, SPHC worked with volunteers, the Lubbock Police Department’s Homeless Outreach Team (HOT Team), and other local stakeholders to ensure the most accurate count possible. This included surveying individuals and families staying in shelters like United Way Community Partners the Salvation Army and Women’s Protective Services and individuals staying on the streets.

Sergeant Steven Bergen with the HOT Team commented on the importance of the survey, “The count is vital because it provides us an insight to the demographics and needs of the individuals who are homeless on our streets which in turn, gives us a roadmap on how to address the matter of homelessness in Lubbock.”

Last year, there were 333 individuals identified in the Point-in-Time count with the majority being over the age of 18. Results of the 2019 survey will be released in March.