2019 Agency Volunteer of the Year, Mike Moss | Lubbock Area United Way

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2019 Agency Volunteer of the Year, Mike Moss

By Melissa Corley, Executive Director for Big Brothers Big Sisters of Lubbock

Mike Moss with Parkhill Smith & Cooper has been matched with his Little Brohter, Keon, thorugh Big Brothers Big Sisters since June of 2012. When they met, they instantaneously became great pals. Throughout their time together, Mike has helped Keon discover his natural talents and encourage him to pursue new activities and interests. He has provided guidance and opportunities for Keon that have helped him grow from a shy 6-year-old boy to a 14-year-old theatre star at Estacado High School. To say that Mike has made an impact in his role as a volunteer is an understatement.

In his role as a Big Brother, Mike Plays an important part in Keon's life as an advocate for education and as a consistent role-model. From lessons on building miniature projects, to reading, writing, and just hanging out, Mike has helped shape the life of the young man we see growing up before us today. When we think of Mike we immediately think of the difference he makes for Keon and for Big Brothers Big Sisters.

Needless to say, we were thrilled that he was named the volunteer of the year. Unfortunately, Mike was out of town and could not be with us on the day of United Way's Annual Meeting & Volunteer Regocnition, but he wanted us to express his gratitude and asked to have his Little Brother, Keon accept this recognition on his behalf.

It couldn't have been a more perfect acceptance speech and shows you just what an impact the pair have had on each other. Thanks, Keon, for filling in for your Big Brother!