Loaned Executives

Individuals are recruited each year from corporations and small businesses. These organizations "loan" their representatives to United Way on a part-time basis during the fall to assist other businesses with their United Way employee campaigns. They participate in team building and training programs during the summer in preparation for the campaign.

The Loaned Executive Program benefits an organization by providing opportunities for individuals to meet people from every area of the community. They have the opportunity to develop relationships through the United Way campaign organization and within the companies they work with during the campaign. These contacts can be of great benefit to an organization in their business.

To get involved in the Loaned Executive Program contact Lynn Owens at 806.747.2711 or email We will be happy to talk with you about the details of this exciting program or arrange for you to talk with CEOs and LEs of companies who have participated in this program.

2018 Loaned Executive Chair
Kelsey Tubb, City Bank