Campaign Central

As the 2017 Campaign Chair, I have had the honor of visiting all 23 Community Partner Agencies this year. These 23 organizations provide essential services for tens-of-thousands of people in need in our community. Stories told by agency staff members were both heartbreaking and uplifting. I had no idea how rampant human trafficking was in our community. I had no idea many individuals and families do not have a home to go to at night. I had no idea how many children suffer from child abuse and neglect right here in the South Plains. These stories were difficult to hear and comprehend.

On the other hand, I was inspired to see disabled adults eagerly being trained to enter the workforce despite their physical or mental limitations. I was inspired to see underprivileged children getting the superior early childhood education that will have them prepared to enter our school systems. I was inspired to see single-parents getting the financial assistance to earn a degree that will help them provide for their children. These and the many other stories told justify why we volunteer our time and donate our financial resources to United Way.

Because of volunteers amd donors like you, we are going to make an unbelievable impact in our community! We are going to meet the needs of families, children, and individuals who could not make it without United Way and our Community Partners. I am thankful for your commitment to United Way and to this year’s campaign. I look forward to serving with you in 2017!


Jon Stephens
2017 Campaign Chair